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Freelance Writing Rates

Blog Posts/Articles: .25-$1/word or $250 per 1,000 word blog post, for example, for minimal research and $300 or higher for more in-depth research – also, let’s talk about blog packages!

Brochures: .25-$1/word (or on a per-piece basis)

Copyediting: $20/hour

Copywriting: .75-$1/word (or on a per-piece or per-project basis)

eBooks: .20/word or $1,000 per 5,000 word eBook

Emails for Sales/Direct Response: $75 for daily/regular emails and $100 for one-off emails up to 150 words – can discuss longer form email prices

Fact Checking: $25-50/hour

Ghostwriting: .50-$1/word

Manuals for Workplace Health and Safety, Instruction, Employee Guidelines and Internet Policy: TBD based on scope, anticipated time, and research

Newsletter Articles: .20/word with light-to-no research/interviews and .50/word with more intensive research and interviews

Newsletter Production (Content, Design and Images): TBD

Images: TBD

Press Releases: .75-$1/word (or on a per-piece basis)

Scripts: TBD

Social Media Posts: .75-$1/word

Technical Writing: .50-$1/word (or on a per-piece basis)

Web Content : .50-$1/word (or on a per-piece basis)

White Papers: .75/word for 999 words and fewer and light research and .75-$1.50/word for 1,000 words and up with more intensive research

I drafted the above fee listing to give you a general idea, but I’m happy to work out per-hour, per-project, and retainer-based fees. For larger projects, I would prefer to work in terms of milestones or receive a 25-50% retainer up front. Also, revisions are a natural part of the relationship between a writer and client. I will happily perform two rounds of revisions. If you are still not satisfied at that point, we may need to discuss possible underlying issues.

I accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, Zelle, and check.

I’m happy to work out a mutually satisfying arrangement on all these matters and draw up a contract.