All fees listed below are subject to our upcoming discussion about your project, factoring in considerations such as the depth and difficulty of research and the anticipated time frame. If you prefer a per-project quote, I am happy to discuss that option.

For first-time clients, I am happy to work at the lower fee tier listed below, or even at a discounted rate. After our first completed project, we should both know the mutual and respective value of our professional relationship—and the resulting work product—and can establish a set rate that is agreeable to both of us going forward.

I do set higher fees for projects that rely on creativity—and potential intensive collaboration via telephone, video conference and in-person—and those that require intensive research. I believe that, with the subjectivity factor, these projects can sometimes take on a life of their own, upending my schedule, so I like to make it worth my while.

For larger orders—in terms of time and/or scope—I am open to discussing a flat fee that factors in overall time needed for research and writing, possible time lost working with other clients, the need to hire an editor/proofreader for quality assurance, and any necessary revisions/edits

My preferred method of fee payment is via PayPal.

Freelance Writing Rates

  • Advertising/Copywriting: .75-$1/word
  • Blog Posts: .50-$1/word
  • Brochures: .25-$1/word
  • Copyediting: $20/hour
  • Developmental Editing for Manuscripts, Screenplays, Plays and Academic Papers: $25-50/hour
  • Fact Checking: $25-50/hour
  • Ghostwriting: .25-$1/word
  • Line Editing: $25/hour
  • Manuals for Workplace Health and Safety, Instruction, Employee Guidelines and Internet Policy: TBD
  • Newsletter Articles: .10/word with light-to-no research/interviews and .25 with more intensive research and interviews
  • Newsletter Production (Content, Design and Images): TBD
  • Images: TBD
  • Press Releases: .75-$1/word
  • Proofreading: $3/page
  • Scripts: TBD
  • Social Media Posts: .75-$1/word
  • Tech Editing: $20/hour
  • Technical Writing: .50-$1/word
  • Web Content : .50-$1/word
  • White Papers: .75/word for 999 words and fewer and light research and .75-$1/word for 1,000 words and up with more intensive research

Also, revisions are a natural part of the relationship between a writer and client. I will happily perform two rounds of revisions. If you are still not satisfied at that point, we may need to discuss possible underlying issues.