The Health Information Trust Alliance (“HITRUST”) never relents on its mission to improve and expand the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF).  

On January 21, 2019, HITRUST announced the latest the V9.2 update, which provides up additional innovative strategies to assist IT teams in protecting vital electric healthcare information collected, processed, stored and transmitted in your organization.  

This latest update mostly focuses on leveraging its international standards to expand into new industries, that include media and entertainment, financial services, travel and hospitality, startups and telecommunications.  

A Summary of the HITRUST CSF V9.2 Update  

The core of HITRUST remains the same with this update, as it continues to ensure the availability of a common information protection framework. The framework continues to provide the necessary structure, clarity, cross-references and functionality to help organizations operate soundly while also providing the flexibility to accommodate continuing improvements.  

There are two main changes in this update, which focus on the shift to an industry-agnostic approach, along with integration of international regulatory requirements.  

  • HITRUST CSF V9.2 removes healthcare-specific regulatory requirements at all three levels of implementation, which makes it easier for non-healthcare entities to adopt and launch HITRUST CSF.  
  • HITRUST CSF V9.2 allows for the adaptation and evolution of healthcare-related language. One example of such a change is that personal health information (PHI) has become more widely known as “covered information.” More specifically, HITRUST now provides plain-language versions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements to make it easier for organizations to fully and consistently comply.  

What HITRUST CSF V9.2 Means for Your Organization  

If your business is not in the realm of healthcare, you may now have access to a high-caliber standard controls framework to guide you toward optimal protection of any electronic information in your system. By investing in and committing to HITRUST CSF compliance, you will quickly gain access to improved protection and brand reputation. Your clients will appreciate your dedication to keeping their data safe by going the extra mile.  

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