Does Your Organization Need an Applicant Tracking System?

Has your organization recently started to consider investing in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? 75 percent of recruiters and other hiring professionals use some type of ATS throughout the hiring process, and of those hiring professionals, 94 percent reported that their ATS software has positively impacted the hiring process.

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3 Benefits of Applicant Tracking During the Hiring Process

Many HR leaders are not convinced that ATS is necessary, thinking it does not apply to them for various reasons, reports Recareered, but that is not the case. Every hiring manager, for any sized business, can stand to refine the hiring process for better efficiency, effectiveness and savings.

If your HR team and Executive Board are on the fence about adopting ATS for your hiring process, it may help you to learn about 3 benefits that will help streamline the hiring process for your HR team.

  1. An ATS Software Application Lets You Continually Review the Position’s Requirements Throughout the Hiring Process. If you are juggling several talent searches at once, or you simultaneously have several HR duties on your calendar at once, a high-quality ATS can help you keep tabs on the position’s requirements at any point in the process. With just one or two key clicks, you can identify the specific requirements for the position.
  2. An ATS Saves Time. One of the most attractive benefits of ATS include how much they save time for users. An ATS allows you to quickly and easily share information with your team members and social media platforms, delegate tasks to your HR team members, and manage email templates and responses.
  3. ATS Are Becoming More Affordable. Like most technologies, ATS have become less expensive as they have become more widely purchased and used. It is simply easier to fit ATS into a company’s budget these days, regardless of the size of the company. Add in the long-term value, and ATS offer a large ROI.


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