So, you want to know about me? I can’t decide how interesting I think I am, but I know sharing is important, regardless. Here goes.

I’m not sure I’ve always been a writer or anything, but I’ve always enjoyed writing things out. I mean, my Crayola phase was pretty stellar, but I think that’s where I peaked. After that it was all downhill. I still try, though. I’ve kept a journal for as long as I can remember; sometimes on paper and sometimes electronically. And sparkly markers always have a place in my tool chest, but that’s not purely about writing.

As far as my journal over the years, sure, most of my posts were self-involved, puerile meanderings about my long-term crush of the time, weight loss or my obsession with running, but it was useful enough. And I like to think I practiced some sort of adherence to correct grammar and usage. I cannot and would not guarantee that. But journals are sacred and not open to scrutiny, so I never have to reveal those facts.

Whether writing flights of fancy in my personal journal, composing songs and poems, writing CD reviews or writing nearly five years’ worth of web content, I guess I love this process of putting pen to paper and fingers to the keyboard.

As far as why I’m writing this blog, that’s tricky. I’ve resisted “blogging” for several years, though I’ve known deep down it would help my career in writing. Web content writing, to be precise. But I don’t plan to limit my future writing to the web, necessarily; though that is the bulk of my professional writing history.

Going back nearly 18 years, I wrote what was and is nearest and dearest to my heart and soul: music journalism. Dear old MOO Magazine, an Ohio-based music magazine, was a little sliver of heaven in writing. I wrote CD reviews, interviewed Dean Wareham of Luna and Herman Bunskoeke of Bettie Serveert and co-edited the magazine with founder and publisher Tony Barnett. Salad days, indeed! Once the magazine ceased operations, I settled back into contentment in writing in my journal.

A day job as an administrative assistant and 11 years later, I started a career in web content writing, inspired by unemployment. Initially I wrote to supplement my unemployment benefits, but I soon realized I relished the idea of working for myself and figured it was worth exploring.

And a decade later, here I am, toiling away between three writing brokerages. But that isn’t “real freelancing,” is it? It’s useful and functional, and it pays the bills, but it’s such a gamble for someone who chooses freelancing as a career path.

I confess that I have let the fact that I’m introverted and have a deep-seated fear of marketing stall my truly independent writing career. I’m not proud of that, but I plan to amend it post haste. As long overdue as it is for me to do so, I am taking the leap into looking for—as well as finding and landing—private clients. Oh, I’ll keep the net that my brokerages provide while I hunt the mythical beings known as “private clients,” but even though it means quoting prices, submitting invoices and being responsible for collecting my fees, I want to do this.

I have probably felt most inspired by reading Ash Ambirge’s The Middle Finger Project and realizing that I need to write to my personality. She and Redhead Writing’s Erika Napolitano really do inspire fellow writers to find their own voice, even if it’s riddled with expletives. With their often awesomely brash words in mind, I realize that, even as an awkward introvert, I have a personality and unique talents that I can market. I can write fantastic content for my clients. I do so regularly as a ghostwriter, receiving high praise and reasonable fees under the protective—yet constraining, to a degree—umbrella of writing brokerages.

So, as I continue to rely on bread and butter brokerages, I want more. I want to let myself want more. I’m allowed to want more and explore this world of writing and marketing.

I want to become a marketing ninja. I guess that’s exactly what I want: to get things done with as little actual attention to me as possible. I want to wear my ninja gear, make my ninja moves and write my ninja words for my clients.

Some More on My Sordid Assorted Writing Trajectory

I am typically—on non-cantankerous days, in general—delighted to research and write about new topics in addition to some of my personal favorites, which include nutrition, fitness and well-being, human resources, music, fictional television pieces and the lighter side of technology.

Back in the summer of 1992, a New York City internship in the promotions and marketing departments of an independent music label, Caroline Records fueled my passion for writing copy to publicize and market artists and products that I cared about deeply (I was inspired to apply after the first Hole and Smashing Pumpkins’ releases). After college, I went on to write and edit at MOO, which was an Ohio-based music publication.

In my office career, I crafted and edited correspondence for three attorneys; each with their own style and specifications. Also, I often prepared motions and briefs for in-house and outside counsel review.

As an active member of my local YMCA, I produced several issues of the newsletter for my local branch over the course of about 18 months, interviewing staff and members, writing features, taking photographs and designing the layout on Microsoft Publisher.

Interests, Activities and Shenanigans

An avid reader and ardent music lover, I also enjoy swimming and distance running, as well as practicing yoga and Pilates. Bicycling serves as fantastic recreation, but I often use my two wheels and my own physical renewable resources as alternative transportation.

Even though I haven’t performed with my singing/songwriting/tomfoolery partner in a coffee shop for several years, I still love to sit down with my guitar and play some of my favorite covers. I continue to mull over the idea of purchasing a ukulele to keep my creative musical juices flowing. However, I worry about the impact on my productivity with such an acquisition, so this decision remains pending; therefore, to be continued…

Then There’s My Upcoming Move…

A few years ago, I started thinking about my future and what I want to do when I grow up/old. Columbus has outgrown me, so it’s time for me to shuffle along. I launched my search with the idea of living near water and/or off the grid. I figured a Gulf state was going to be more affordable than an Atlantic or Pacific site. I finally landed on a little nook in Southwest Florida where I plan to build my own tiny home in a shipping container. So, I have a big year ahead of me, and I’m completely thrilled about it all. Here’s hoping I’ll soon be sharing the news of a stream of wonderful new clients.